Christina Johnson is a sought out Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Childhood Cancer Advocate who truly believes that life’s inevitable challenges are an opportunity to pause, pray and reflect. Not only surviving but thriving even in the midst of unexpected change, challenges and adversity. In 2017 while finishing up her degree, her son David at the age of 1 was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a Pediatric Cancer. She advocated for her son as well as others throughout his journey. At that moment , she became, “The Momcologist.” A Momcologist is a full-time advocate , part-time doctor and nurse for a child fighting cancer. Her personal journal turned into a book highlighting the emotional and physical struggles she encountered on this journey. “Fighting for King David” is a glimpse into Christina’s world as a Momcologist. Her story of thriving is one that she can tell through many chapters. No matter the challenge, Christina has continued to reinvent herself by always looking forward to living and making everyday count. For the past two years Christina has put audiences to ease while inspiring them through her personal story. Audiences ranging from cancer survivors, fighters, healthcare professionals and caregivers. Whether a key note speaker , panelist, or host, Christina continues to inspire her audience with her gifts of honesty, courage hope and laughter. Today along with her husband, they have launched a non -profit organization called the Virginia Beach Dolphins Sports Academy. Their mission is,”Spreading Childhood Cancer Awareness while Tackling for a Cure,” For more information on this, please visit the website. Virginia Beach Dolphins Sports Academy When her son David completed his last treatment, she launched her first business Crissy’s Designs, LLC. Crissy’s Designs makes custom Cancer awareness t-shirts and product labels. As a need to fulfill her passion for advocacy, the name has changed to Momcologist,LLC. From Tragedy to Triumph, Christina has overcame many obstacles. As Christina would say, “Plant a seed of awareness and watch it grow.”

Strong enough to handle life’s obstacles, setbacks and adversity. Christina, shares the powerful formula that helped her transform tragedy into triumph.

“Fighting for King David” Book Reviews

A battle no one wants, but King David and his family conquered with the help of God!!!

When my cousin told me she was writing this book I was excited and nervous to read it. This book is filled with gripping details. As I read, I felt all the emotional changes with her as she shared her experience. I had hope with her as I read yet understood the doubts and fears she mentioned. You finish the book with excitement, relief, and a desire to believe with others who also have to face the battle of fighting cancer themselves or a child they have. I am so proud of my cousin and her family!!

-Chavon Thomas

A must read memoir that is life changing.

Fighting for King David is a must read. The Author has the ability to allow the reader to feel her pain and joy as if it’s your loved one with cancer. An inspiration to show how precious Life is!

-Felicia Brown

Great Book!

Awesome read from the beginning to the end….

-Renee J

Prayer is a powerful thing!!!

When you hear of someone being diagnosed with cancer your heart goes out to them, but you never truly know what they go through everyday. I cried from beginning to the very end of this book. I truly believe that the prayers and faith from family and friends helped King David and his family get through this. Christina and Rodney Johnson, you guys are amazingly strong and great parents. Blair, Aaliyah, and Christiana, you are wonderful siblings and the bond you share with David is priceless. I will continue to pray for your family and praise God for healing King David!!!!

-Kindle Customer

Powerful Read

This book was a page turner from start to finish. It is hard to fathom, the many tasks that are associated with battling childhood cancer other than medicine and hospital stays. The author walks us through deciding when is the right time to tell the siblings, partnership between her and her husband in providing a united presence in the hospital, to having to re-live her son’s diagnosis over and over again as she notified another loved one or family member. HER FAITH is the star in this book. It is woven through every tear dropped and every chapter. She reminded us that her son was only 1-2 years old throughout the book. This book also puts forth the RESILIENCE of children physically and mentally. The chapter title, Dinosaur Roar touched my heart!

-Amazon Customer