Donate to the Momcologist Mission

Donate to the Momcologist

By donating to the Momocologist, your support will help us spread awareness and support ongoing companionship for a child who is fighting cancer. We sincerely appreciate each and every donation!


Recent Fundraisers

The Momcologist with her goal of donated 10 Cancer Dolls to the Local girl who are fighting Childhood Cancer.Momcologist will be collecting donations starting November 1, 2019 to purchase My Life Survivor Doll .Each doll cost $29.97. Thank you in advance for providing a companion for one of our local fighters. If you would like to donate a doll on behalf of your organization or business, please fill out the form below. You can also purchase a doll at the link below. As of December 6, 2019, All 10 dolls have been sponsored. There is still room for more.Check out the list of sponsors below.

My Survivor Cancer Doll



Dr Karen Pruden,Consulting Business

Shana Turner HR Mask

Chavon Thomas New Beginnings with Me

Erika Grease

Andria Sinclair

Toni Gallant

Michelle Singleton

Ebony Makaya

Renai Jarosz

Sheri Johnson

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